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Statement of Endorsement

statement of endorsement


Thrive2027 Goals:

  1. Every child in Cumberland County has quality early learning experiences beginning at birth.
  2. Individuals and families in Cumberland County have the education, employment opportunities, and resources to achieve financial stability.
  3. Children, adults and communities in Cumberland County have the resources and opportunities to achieve optimal health status.

These goals cannot be realized alone.

We believe that these goals represent a holistic and integrated approach to increasing opportunities, improving lives, and strengthening community so that everyone in Cumberland County grows and prospers. Success requires cross-sector partners to come together in a new, more intentional way, aligning individual and collective contributions, employing strategies that reinforce each other, mobilizing community resources and public will, and relying on data and robust evaluation efforts.

The following organization / business recognizes it has a significant role it can play and endorses these goals and will contribute to advancing strategies and actions that will make long lasting change for our community.

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